International award-winning poet and The Ambassadors Magazine's REFLECTIONS section editor, Ms. Hala El-Banna, has endeavored on a project to bring her written poetry to life through sound and imagery.

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Inspired by the movie "A Beautiful Mind"


Take off my hat
Give away my pen
To the man with a beautiful mind!

His wife and he as a team they worked.
And that is how he put rules to the test,

And that is how she proved love to resist
Total illness, total loss.
And back to reality the man was pulled.

His will was strong, hers was iron.
The force of love
the governing equation
Conquered that of fantasy.

The force of love survived that agony
Of a life that could've been total misery.

The equation of love,
The best for all including oneself
Is the core and the whole
He solved that from the start.

Then came a beautiful wife to solve and complete such
Mysterious Equation;
If the mind was ill, The heart could still reach
A sound judgment and perform instead!

She simply believed and made believe
Reality to be the sole truth

Her love a rescue boat led
The whole family safe back to shore.

A very sensitive and delicate equation,
A combination of a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart.
May man learn, decipher the code and read out loud
The equation of love that binds
Beautiful minds with beautiful hearts.

Only then, the universe can witness
Better future rather than total destruction,
Total greed, total illusion.

This is what it takes,
A beautiful man
A beautiful mind
A beautiful wife
A beautiful heart
A beautiful friend
A beautiful doctor

Roles assigned to those who CARE
To only those who LOVE and BELIEVE.



*From author's book "REFLECTIONS; A COLLECTION OF POEMS," 2005





Ms. Hala Elbanna, MA, the winner of the International Poets award is an international correspondent for The Ambassadors Magazine. She is the author of five poetry books: Men & Women with Broken Hearts: A guideline to prevention and treatment; Reflections: A collection of poems;
Violin Man; Poetic Cocktail; and Power in Diversity. The poem, "Another Year" was published in her book, Reflections, which is on sale at Gezira Sporting Club, Ramses Hilton, Intercontinental, and Grand Hyatt Cairo in Egypt. Her email is

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